The Geoprobe 6620DT is quite simply the most powerful and versatile machine manufactured today.
This unit can probe deeper and faster than any other unit, has the power to penetrate to depths >100', and can switch from probing to hollow stem augers in minutes.

The GH60 hammer which provide you the needed power to sample in difficult situations. If subsurface soil conditions stop the 5400 hammer yet we are not in consolidated conditions, the 6620 hammer will often be successful at collecting the sample.

  • HSA capable 
  • 5 foot sampling tools
  • Rack/work station
  • Install 2” pre-pack wells
  • Direct Push to Greater Depths
  • Tooling from standard 2" to 3.5"
  • GW profiling (discrete) to depths >100'
  • Soil sampling with standard macro, closed piston macro, 2.25" & 3.5" dual tube
  • 60" width for interior access
  • Hollow Stem Auger for well installs - Monitor, Injection, Recovery
  • All Terrain access of remote locations